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NEW! Publication 36: Accelerated safe bromination under biphasic conditions in continuous flow

Chris Stevens' group in Ghent have utilised the rapid and efficient emulsification of biphasic reaction mixtures that is possible in static mixer chips to significantly enhanced reaction rates in the bromination of commercially important methanesufones and sulfonates ... more ....

NEW! Application Note 28: DABAL-Me3: A safer alternative to trimethylaluminium for amide bond formation

Researchers at Nottingham University have shown that trimethylaluminium forms a complex with DABCO that is a white solid and much easier to handle than pyrophoric trimethylaluminium itself. DABAL-Me3 forms amides from either esters or carboxylic acids with amines in minutes at elevated temperatures under flow-through conditions.

NEW! Publication 35: Diazomethane in flow

Tube-in-tube reactors are versatile devices which can also be used for liquid-liquid reactions where a gas is transferred between the two phases..... more.....

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