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Uniqsis is the home of FlowLab entry level and FlowSyn fully integrated benchtop continuous flow reactors.

Designed by chemists for chemists, Uniqsis makes flow chemistry accessible to novices while at the same time catering for multi-step and automated reactions sequences.

Start with a low cost FlowLab or standalone FlowSyn system and simply upgrade as the need arises by choosing from our comprehensive range of material options, reactor modules and automation and accessories.

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Publication 57:Silica-Supported Silver Nitrate as a Highly Active Dearomatizing Spirocyclization Catalyst

Taylor and Unsworth have reported an efficient and scaleable synthesis of interesting spirocyclic scaffolds using a silver catalyst under continuous flow-through conditions ... more

Application Note 30Copper Catalysed N-Arylation

Diaryliodonium salts are effective alkylating agents of anilines under flow-through conditions in a copper coil reactor ... more

Application Note 29: 2-Step Conversion of Acetophenones into Pyrazoles

Scientists at Galchimia report a general 2 step process for the preparation of pyrazoles starting from acetophenones that can be run as a continuous flow process ... more

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