FlowLab™ Systems
Affordable, modular flow chemistry systems

FlowLab is a versatile modular flow chemistry system built around the same high quality components as used in the FlowSyn, but with the automated valves omitted to contain costs. 
The system utilises individual reactor modules for maximum choice and flexibility. Dependent on the temperature range required; choose from 3 standard configurations:

FlowLab includes a Uniqsis HotCoil heated reactor station and enables reaction temperatures from ambient to 300oC.

FlowLab Cold includes the Polar Bear Plus Flow and operates in the range -40oC to 150oC; without the need for card-ice or liquid nitrogen.

NEW! FlowLab Column is designed for heterogeneous catalytic flow chemistry applications. It has a high pressure 316L SS flow path and includes a HotColumn adaptor fitted with a stainless steel HPLC column reactor in an insulated holder.

The standard system comes complete with 2 high pressure pumps and dedicated FlowLab control software that enables full manual control and the ability to program a single automated experiment.

The reactor modules are compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors. Column reactors can also be fitted by adding the HotColumn accessory and Uniqsis glass Static reactor/mixer Chips can be mounted on the Polar Bear Plus Flow by specifying the additional Chip Holder.

The system can easily be upgraded because the FlowLab software auto-detects and can control up to 3 pumps and 2 reactor modules

... more features, greater flexibility!


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