LED Benchtop Parallel Batch Photoreactor

Uniqsis TV:

Designed to run small scale batch photochemical reactions in parallel, SOLSTICETM is a 12-position reactor tube holder that fits onto a standard (135mm) magnetic stirrer. It is ideal for both catalyst screening/optimisation of reaction conditions and production of small compound arrays.

Easy to set up - tube reactors are fitted with septa and can be inerted and pre-loaded with reagent solutions or loaded/degassed in situ.
The tube reactors (12 x 8ml max.) are subject to efficient magnetic stirring and the tube holder can be effectively temperature controlled by connecting SOLSTICE to an external recirculator or cold water tap. An internal temperature probe accurately measures reaction temperatures.

Optional inserts are available to create thin films under vortex stirring conditions to maximise light absorption. Recommended reaction volumes are 0.5 - 5ml per tube.

SOLSTICE uses the 180W Uniqsis BOREALISTM LED light source. Standard options are 365nm, 385nm, 425nm, 440nm, 460nm or 525nm (other wavelengths are available on request). BOREALIS is a high-quality variable intensity LED light source driven by a 'smart' programmable power supply. The power supply displays both the LED backplate and internal reactor temperatures.

On assembly, locating pins ensure that the LED lamp unit can only be fitted in one position. This in combination with the symmetrical design ensures that all tube reactors are subject to an identical photon flux such that that a direct comparison can be made between individual reactions.

Whilst limited scale-up can be achieved by scaling out across a number of tubes, the system may be converted to a BOREALIS FLOWTM continuous flow photoreactor by inserting the BOREALIS LED lamp into a Uniqsis COLD COIL fitted with an internal coil reactor.


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