Borealis Flow™
Cost effective LED photoflow reactor

Uniqsis TV:

The Uniqsis BOREALIS is a high intensity LED lamp unit, available in a range of fixed wavelengths that converts the existing COLD COIL standalone coil reactor module into a flow reactor for photochemical applications.

The complete BOREALIS FLOW system is comprised of the BOREALIS LED lamp unit, a 15ml FEP coil reactor (with an internal temperature sensor), the COLD COIL standalone reactor module and a programmable power supply (PSU). Both the LED lamp and the reactor module require independent liquid cooling using either a piped water supply or a closed loop recirculator.
The Huber Piccolo stacked Peltier heat exchanger or more powerful MiniStat 230 or MiniChiller work well and optimally achieve a reactor temperature range of -25oC to 150oC with the lamp module set to 100% intensity.

BOREALIS LED lamps of different wavelengths are automatically detected and configured when connected to the power supply.

The complete system is fully light-tight and fitted with a safety interlock.

The BOREALIS LED lamps work with the SOLSTICEā„¢ multi-position batch photoreactor.

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