LED Photoreactor for Glass Static Mixing Reactor Blocks

Simple to use, powerful and effective, the PHOTOCHIP offers an attractive and flexible solution for performing photochemistry with the benefits of both temperature control and efficient mixing in glass mixer/reactor blocks ('chips').

PHOTOCHIP is a compact LED photoreactor module that is compatible with all Uniqsis GLASS STATIC MIXER reactor blocks (GSMs).
Based upon the COLD CHIP temperature controlled GSM reactor module, it can accommodate either 1x LARGE format or 2x COMPACT format Uniqsis GSMs with volumes from 0.27ml - 20ml.

POWER: The high power LED lamp unit uses single LEDs with a total power rating of either 150W or, optionally, 180W (150W version shown opposite). Both versions are available in a wide range of wavelengths (365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 420nm, 450nm, 460nm or 525nm) and are powered by variable intensity power supplies.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The high power LEDs require liquid cooling and, where the reaction temperature is close to room temperature, either a cold water supply, or a recirculator can be used to control both the reactor and LED temperatures by connecting the respective cooling circuits in series.

SAFETY: The PHOTOCHIP lamp unit is fitted with an interlock which prevents exposure to high intensity light by cutting power to the LEDs if any attempt is made to remove the light unit whilst switched 'on'. A thermal switch protects the LEDs against overheating if cooling is not connected.

By utilising a different PTFE spacer block, the PHOTOCHIP LED lamp unit also fits onto the POLAR BEAR Plus GSM.

Features and Benefits:


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