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Uniqsis is the home of FlowLab entry level and FlowSyn fully integrated benchtop continuous flow reactors.

Designed by chemists for chemists, Uniqsis makes flow chemistry accessible to novices while at the same time catering for multi-step and automated reactions sequences.

Start with a low cost FlowLab or standalone FlowSyn system and simply upgrade as the need arises by choosing from our comprehensive range of material options, reactor modules and automation and accessories.

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Auto-LF II™ Auto sample loop filling
Autosampler upgrade to enable combinatorial chemistry in flow more...

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Application Note 32: Daisy Chaining Photochemistry and a Thermal Rearrangement
Elliott et al have shown how useful bicyclic lactams may be readily prepared on scale under flow through conditions utilising a sequential [2+2] ring closure followed by a thermal electrocyclic cascade ... more

Publication 67: Fast Screening and Optimisation of a RAFT Polymerisation in Micro-Scale Reactors
Optimising process parameters for RAFT polymerisation of MMA in a continuous flow reactor using GSMs ... more

Publication 65Photoredox Coupling of Benzylboronate Esters and Carbonyl Compounds
The PhotoSyn was used in combination with a Flow-UV to scale a photomediated single electron coupling in flow.. more

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