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Uniqsis is the home of FlowLab entry level and FlowSyn fully integrated benchtop continuous flow reactors.

Designed by chemists for chemists, Uniqsis makes flow chemistry accessible to novices while at the same time catering for multi-step and automated reactions sequences.

Start with a low cost FlowLab or standalone FlowSyn system and simply upgrade as the need arises by choosing from our comprehensive range of material options, reactor modules and automation and accessories.

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PHOTOSYN high power photoflow reactor 
BOREALIS cost-effective photoflow reactor
SOLSTICE 12-position batch photoreactor
PHOTOCHIP 'chip' photoflow reactor
POLAR BEAR Plus GSM PHOTO 'chip' photoreactor

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Publication 74: Flow Synthesis of Celecoxib
The FlowSyn was used to perform an accelerated, telescoped, 2-stage synthesis of Celecoxib in high yield (90%) under flow-through conditions... more

Publication 72: Photo-mediated [3+2] Synthesis of Functionalised Aminocyclopropanes
The PhotoSyn (385nm) was used to promote and accelerate the formation of substituted aminocyclopropanes under flow-through conditions... more

Publication 71: Closed Loop Reaction Optimisation in Flow using Open-source Software
A FlowSyn Maxi in combination with the SUMMIT single objective optimisation algorithm under the control of a Node Red dashboard was used to optimise an allylation reaction... more

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