Photochemistry LED Illuminator
Photochemistry screening in batch and continuous flow

The Photochemistry LED Illuminator has been developed to enable small scale batch optimisation of photochemical reactions followed by scale up using either larger batch reactor vessels or a continuous flow glass plate reactor.

The system utilises high power LED arrays mounted on cassettes for easy interchangeability in combination with a selection of housings to accommodate different reactor types. Standard arrays of 48 LEDs are available in the following wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 420nm, 450nm or 525nm in addition to a screening array of 24 LEDs comprising 4 of each wavelength.

Other wavelengths are available on request.

The reactor housing is positioned above the LED cassette which in turn is mounted on a 200W cooling module. A separate custom LED driver module controls the LED output power and mode of operation: continual wave (CW), pulsed width modulation (PWM) or a combination of the two. Safety interlocks ensure the LEDs are not powered when uncovered.


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