Inline UV-Vis spectrometer

Flow-UV™ is an affordable solid state, full spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometer. It may be used for batch analysis but is particularly suitable for continuous flow applications.

The standard flow cell has a path length of 1 mm and utilises transparent PFA reactor tubing.

Other path lengths are available and the instrument is compatible with a wide range of Z-configuration flow cells that may be more suitable for high throughput process applications. At room temperature, the standard flow cell can withstand pressures of up to 35 bar and may be positioned anywhere in the flow path.

Dispersion and steady state may be monitored at 5 user selected wavelengths in real time to assist with product collection and quality control. In conjunction with Uniqsis FlowControl II system control software, the Flow-UV is used to automate reaction product collection in either 'Collect All', 'Steady State' or 'Balanced' collection modes.

The spectrometer control software allows saved methods to be recalled and will automatically record a background spectrum at the start of each experiment.

Please note: the image shows the Flow-UV (UQ1100) fitted with the optional standard continuous flow cell and optical fibres (UQ1102). An alternative cuvette holder assembly is also available for batch measurement applications.

A very useful accessory for all flow chemists!


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