Binary Pump Module
Dual channel reagent delivery module

The Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM) is a dual channel high pressure reagent delivery system. It utilises 2x HPLC pumps (10 or 50ml/min each) that have been modified to improve chemical compatibility making it ideal for multi-component or multi-step reactions that require more than two starting materials.

The unit can be used to upgrade the FlowSyn system to 4 channels, or as a standalone dual pumping module. The unit benefits from automated inlet/outlet selection valves and has 3 internal pressure transducers (two monitor pump head pressures,the third measures outlet pressure from the embedded mixer module to monitor system performance and an inbuilt back pressure regulator, it can be used in combination with reactor modules to build custom flow chemistry reactor systems (FlowLab Plus).

The BPM has both RS232 and WLAN capability and is controlled using an app. installed on the laptop supplied.

Options include flow paths in PTFE, 316L SS or Hastelloy C276. The standard Pmax can be increased to 200bar if required.


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