Uniqsis column reactors
For heterogeneous reactions

Enjoy the convenience of Uniqsis column reactors for ‘catch and release’ reaction protocols and in-line purifications.
Borosilicate glass column reactors are manufactured from PEEK and PTFE and are compatible with temperatures up to 150oC.

Pack your own columns with solid supported reagents, catalysts and scavengers to suit your application needs. The FlowSyn column heater accepts 10mm ID x 100mm glass columns with adjustable PEEK end fittings, and adapts for columns of different sizes.

The HotColumn 6-column reactor system is available with dedicated holders for 10mm, 15mm and 20mm OD columns with both glass and stainless steel options.

All column holders are fitted with a heat exchanger that allows you to pre-heat reagents prior to entering the column reactor.


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